Thursday, September 18, 2014

The building and Construction Sector in Qatar

The construction sector in Qatar is a large industry that absorbs workforce from all over the world. In the recent years, the industry has experienced a rapid growth. The international sports held in Doha called for a revolution of its infrastructure to enable it host future events.  There has been an increase in construction companies in Qatar following its new position as a commercial and sports centre in Middle East. Therefore, improving its infrastructure is imperative in empowering it host international events such as sports and trade fairs.

The Qatar business director admits that it has a huge, untapped economic potential especially in tourism. The numerous tourist attractions call for good infrastructure especially in the travel industry to ease transport. Some popular Qatar construction companies include the Alwaha Contracting and Trading Company, Archirodon Construction Company, Arabian Construction and Engineering Company, and Abdulghani and Cardahi Construction Company. Some of the popular construction projects in Qatar news feature include the world cup stadiums and Ras Laveran Complex among others.

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